ATE-200 for Western aircrafts

List of units tested with ATE-200 of BETA AIR JSC ( B737)

DesignationP / N

Audio Accessory Unit Assembly 285T0001-69
Control Display Unit 4038170-905
Electronic Flight Instrument Control 622-8001-XXX
Engine Instrument System Secondary Display Panel (E.I.S. SDP) 212EDP1-1,-2,-3."
Electrical Meter, Battery and Galley Power Panel Assembly (P5-13) 285A1840-1,-2,-3,-4.
APU Control Unit 65-52801-64/MOD A, -67/MOD A, B, C
Flight Guidance Control Panel 4034242-972
Engine Instrument System Primary Display Panel (E.I.S. PDP) 312EDP1-1/2-1/1-2/2-2
Flight Control Computer 4082499-901 / 4082499-902
Flight Data Acquisition Unit 36045172A00/36045172A01
Integrated Flight System Accessory Unit 65-52820-1,-2
Stall Management / Yaw Damper 285A1010-1,-2,-3,-4
Thrust Managment Computer948E310-G1937E201S241T200 (BOEING)