ATE description

ATE-200 tests a large number of Russian aircrafts airborne systems.

Airborne equipment tested with ATE-200 is a part of the following aircraft systems:

  • Engine unit;
  • Fuel feed system;
  • Fire-protection equipment;
  • Special fire-extinguishing equipment;
  • Avionics equipment;
  • Electronic equipment;
  • Lighting facilities;
  • ACS and SARD;
  • Antiicing system;
  • Pilots windshields spraying and heating system.
  • Windshield wipers;
  • Control system;
  • and etc.

All signals and voltage produced by ATE-200 devices are not obligatory used in specific tests and UUT check. Actually, only electric power supplies and signals required in compliance with chief specification of a given UUT are used in ATE-200.

To join ATE-200 to UUT AI is used which serves as interface for signal exchange between station and unit under test. AI has connector connected to ARINC 608А connector and connectors for UUT connection.

Boards, loads and others can be installed additionally in AI.

ATE-200 is based on ARINC 608А interface.