WWW Complex represents a distributive data acquisition system consisting of single-type measuring instrument, data acquisition devices which are integrated into one Local-Area Network independently or under the central computer control.

Measuring unit of data acquisition devices:

  • up to 32 differential;
  • up to 64 unipolar;
  • up to 128 digital inputs,

Intended for instantaneous values of measured parameters and data acquisition from digital devices.
Parameters and data registered while testing are recorded on a solid-state memory arranged in every module of data acquisition devices.

Owing to powerful processor in every data acquisition device, processing can be realized directly in the course of experiment and on the central computer after the tests have been carried out.

Network measuring and control system (NMCS-2) is designed for registration and processing of analogue and digital signals of aircraft power-supply system on a brassboard and directly on a flight machine. Tests are carried out on land and in flight both independently and as a part of other systems in compliance with 19705 89 GOST according to М1305-89-VII и RIAT SESLA technology.

  • AC voltage 0 ? 380 V
  • AC current ±600 А
  • DC voltage 0 ? 100 V
  • DC current 0 ? 1200 А
  • AC frequency 5 ? 480 Hz

The main specification of NMCS-2 basic configuration:

  • Module quantity of data acquisition device, pcs from 1 to 32
  • Simultaneously recordable channels quantityfrom 1 to 2048
  • Channel types. DifferentialUnipolarDigital
  • Experiment time, с.from 0.1 to 28800
  • Folding frequency of analogue channel, khz/channelfrom 0.001 to 800
  • Folding frequency of digital channel, khz/channelfrom 0.001 to 1000
  • Digital capacity of analog-digital converter, bit.from 12 to 24
  • Channel input range.Depend on sensor type
  • Basic errors of all measurments, %0.2


  • Hardware simple configuration;
  • comprehensive facilities of service disconnect procedure programming;
  • simplicity of data transmission and exchange with central computer;
  • simplicity, multifunctionality and software high efficiency;
  • comprehensive facilities of hardware and complex software extention and modification;
  • perfect operational performance;
  • compliance with temperature, vibration requirements;
  • possibility of system expansion adding acquisition device new modules.