Automatic Test Equipment

ATE-200 (Automatic Test Equipment) is designed to test Line Replaceable Units' (LRU). ATE-200 can be used for incoming check, schedule tests and failure check suspected by the flight crew, technical crew or detected by built-in test equipment.

ATE-200 consists of the unified part (Test Station), Test Unit Adapters (TUA), test program sets (TPS) and special software. Unified part (Test Station) complies with ARINC 608A.

Originally ATE-200 was developed for maintenance of the Be-200 amphibious aircraft.

ATE-200 substitutes traditional test benches and Standard Test Equipment (STE) providing testing in automatic mode.

ATE-200 employs latest achievements in equipment and software development for creation of flexible and reliable system. Its open architecture enables testing of equipment by various manufacturers.