DCU-2000 Airplane Conditioning Digital Control Unit is a universal digital ACS controller for airborne and other installations. DCU-2000 has an advanced reliability, high adaptability to a unit under control, lesser weight and considerably lower cost in comparison with analogical ACS controllers.

DCU-2000 has digital design and specializes in digital signal processing technology. The system is based on modular approach using highly reliable monochannel bus. Owing to modularity, DCU-2000 equipment can be adapted to any ACS with regard to a given redundancy level. Modules can be located traditionally in a single frame or distributed in the unit. This decreases statistical probability of simultaneous failure of backup modules under the influence of external factors. It is recommended to bring the module directly to the object under control to increase measurement accuracy of airborne equipment and reduce energy losses on power lines.

The most advanced element base with improved reliability and large-scale integration is used in DCU-2000. In combination with original technical solutions this base allowed to increase system reliability in general, minimize its size, weight and production unit cost.

When installing DCU-2000 on the object all customer’s requirements including fail-safety requirements, resistibility to influencing factors (electromagnetic, mechanical, climatic and biological), maintainability and manufacturability are taken into account. Operational documentation is performed in compliance with АТА-100.

BETA-AIR JSC provides DCU-2000 adapting for a specified ACS and tests as well as aftersale service and post-warranty system service during the whole life cycle of the product.